Measure keyword performance of your website and that of your competitors

Measure in detail how your website performs against your competitors on all search terms. Follow the performance of your keywords with our Rank Tracker for Desktop, Mobile and Local. Your rankings are measured daily and tracked up to four years ago. You can use the Rank Tracker to keep track of the positions of your competitors. By following the positions and overall performance of your competitor's keywords, you can develop more effective SEO strategies for your customers and an effective strategy ensures higher rankings!

Add competitors and compare results

The Rank Tracker compares your positions daily against the positions of your competitors. In one overview you can see on which keywords your competitors rank and whether they rise or fall. In your own white label, Rank Tracker , you can add up to twenty competitors to your dashboard. The Rank Tracker will immediately start following the keyword movements of your competitors from the moment you add them.

Respond to the strategy of your competitors

The Rank Tracker gives you a simple and visual overview of the positions of your competitors versus your positions. Follow your competitors' movements through time and use this data to stay ahead of your competitor. Because the faster you rule, the easier it is to outsmart your competitors!

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