Detect internal competition with the Rank Tracker

Track the performance of your keywords with our Rank Tracker for Desktop, Mobile and Local. Your rankings are tracked daily and up to four years ago. Use the rank tracker to find internal competition! Internal competition occurs when two or more pages rank on the same search term, which often results in lower positions. It is important to ensure that Google knows which page should be displayed with which search term. This prevents two important pages from ranking targetting for the same keyword.

The problem with internal competition

Internal competition can cause a huge problem for a large website. Internal competition occurs when Google finds multiple relevant pages for a search within a site. Internal competition often ensures that both pages end up lower in the results, because Google often sees internal competition as a sign of low quality.

Track internal competition with the rank tracker

The Rank Tracker is designed to detect internal competition. MakretingTracer keep track of which pages can be found in Google for a search on a daily basis. When we find "harmful" internal competition, the keyword's health indicator will go down considerably. This is a sign that the keyword must be looked at. Click on the keyword to see which urls rank and which positions to rank.

Solving internal competition

Once you see which pages rank on this keyword you can easily make a choice. Choose the page that you want to show for this keyword. Then you have a choice:

  1. Make a 301 redirect from the redundant page to the relevant page.
  2. Check if the structure of the site could be different. For example, place the redundant page 'behind' the correct page.
  3. Rewrite (parts of) the redundant page so that it becomes more relevant for another search.

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