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Measure in detail how your site performs against your competitors on all search terms. Follow the performance of your keywords with our Rank Tracker for Desktop, Mobile and Local. Your rankings are measured daily and tracked up to four years ago. The Rank Tracker has been carefully constructed and optimized for Dutch-language search results (of course we can also keep other languages ‚Äč‚Äčcompletely accurate). Thanks to our intelligent tracking technology, we always guarantee 100% accurate results.

The technology behind the rank tracker

The Rank Tracker is optimized for accurate search results. We guarantee 100% accurate results. To achieve this, we must behave like real Google visitors. We retrieve all keyword results daily in Google with real browsers . Our servers, unlike the other rank trackers, arelocated all over the world . This way we know for sure that the Google results actually come from the local index.

Ranktracker features

Use Rank Tracking to get an overview of the keyword positions of your website. We are happy to help you with our four important KPIs.

Metrics and search volume

To get a better picture of how important a keyword is, we show the monthly search volume, the cost per click and the SEO feasibility. The SEO feasibility is calculated based on the number of competitors and the page authority of these competitors. That way you can make better decisions to invest in the searchability of each keyword.

Keyword health

Sometimes an increase or decrease in search engine results does not mean everything. Suppose a keyword has risen from position 30 to position 5. A rank tracker then reports an increase of 25 positions. That sounds good, but for the sake of convenience we forget everything that happened between the starting position and the current position. Suppose you have been number 1 for months and have dropped back to position 5 last week? In the 'normal' rank tracker overview you would soon miss this fall. That is why we calculate health for each keyword. This takes into account increases and decreases during a certain time. This way you immediately get a better picture of the health of your website.

Organize into categories

MarketingTracer keep keyword ranking clear and therefore you can easily categorize keywords into your own unique categories. This is useful if you want to keep track of many keywords or want to know how certain clusters within your site perform!

Visibility index

The visibility index takes into account the monthly search volume and calculates which part of your potential visitors you reach with your current keyword positions. High positions on important keywords with a lot of monthly volume weights than long tail keywords with few monthly visitors. In our handy 'admin overview' you can see how visibility has increased or decreased for all your websites and you can better manage this.

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