Find all pages with missing titles

One of the simplest and most effective ways to quickly improve your pages' rankings is by addressing common and easy-to-fix issues. One of these issues is having pages without titles. The solution is of course simple: find those pages and add a title. I will show you how to find these pages.

Page Title

Each web page must have a title in the <head> section of the page.

<title>Your page title</title>

The title tag is important to both visitors and search engines:

  • The page title appears in the tab or window title of the web browser.
  • The title is used (by default) when someone favorites or bookmarks the page.
  • Search engines like Google often use the page title as the headline in the search results.
  • The page title itself is a minor ranking factor for most search engines
Tips for a good page title:
  • The page title should be short and relevant to the content of the page.
  • The maximum length should not extend - depending on who you ask - 55 or 60 characters.
  • The title should contain your main keywords, but in a non-spamish way.
  • Never use the same page title for multiple pages!

Fix pages without title

With the MarketingTracer On-Page SEO audit it is very easy to find pages without a title. First of all, we need to index your page for that. We already do that automatically, but to complete the story, I'll first show you how to do that in the dashboard.

1 - Recrawl the website (optional)

Navigate to SEO audit, click on the gear icon at the top right and select 'Crawling' The MarketingTracer SEO Crawler will now re-visit all your pages and see what can be improved.

2. Navigate to SEO audit - untitled pages.

Once we've crawled the page, we'll know exactly which pages have and don't have a title. To see this, click on 'Issue overview' and then on 'Page title found'

3. View the 'Untitled page overview'.

You will now see an overview of all pages for which the title of the page does not exist. You can now look up these pages in your own CMS system and add a page title. As soon as we have crawled the page again, you will no longer see it in the overview and the problem has been solved. To re-crawl the page by MarketingTracer just click on the link. 

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