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Improve website speed: defer JavaScript

See exactly what happens when you defer the javascript on your webpage. What speed gains do you get? What are the pros and cons?

Improve website speed: inline CSS

Show your page on-screen 10% earlier with minimal effort. Inline CSS for first-time-visitors resulted in a 10% gain in pagespeed. We only used 3 lines of code! In this article we will explain how this works and what the advantages and disadvantages are

What is first-contentful-paint?

What is fist contentful paint (FCP)?

Wat is time-to-first-byte?

The time-to-first byte (TTFB) indicates how much time has elapsed in milliseconds while receiving the first response (byte) from a web page. The TTFB is a way to measure the speed of a webpage.

Optimize web pages for BERT

We will explain what BERT is, how BERT works and how to optimize web pages for BERT.

Articles to read

Image optimization for the web

The ultimate guide to image optimization for the web!

Why ranking signals do no correlate

Have you ever wondered why there is such a poor correlation between ranking signals and your SERP positions?

Crawler Traps

Crawler traps make it difficult or even impossible for a crawler to crawl your website efficiently. Crawler traps hurt the crawl process and make it difficult for your website to rank

Internal Nofollow

It is not a good idea to use internal nofollow links on your own page.

IPM + Measure your social media succes

Compare your social media posts

Advanced search operators

Google search operators are special characters and commands (also known as 'advanced operators') that increase the capabilities of normal searches.

SEO terms

404 Page

What is a  404 page? Will it hurt my ranking?.

Bounce Rate

What is a bounce rate? Why does it matter and how to improve your bounce rate